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4th Generation Family-Owned Business

Measures Farms began in 1917 when around 1330 acres of farmland at Hemington was purchased by Ben Measures (the Great Grandfather of the current management team). Since this time, it has grown to over 3800 acres of arable land, turkeys on 6 sites, a livery yard and now a pop-up dog park.



We run our operation as one business, with a synergy between growing our crops and turkeys. For example, we use home grown wheat to feed the turkeys, and our own straw for bedding. Turkey muck is spread back onto the fields after harvest as a natural fertiliser and to increase organic matter in the soil.


We use many modern farming techniques such as a controlled traffic system to reduce compaction, along with variable rate applications of fertiliser and precision drilling.


We grow turkeys from day old chicks through to finished birds. We have the facilities to rear both free range and indoor turkeys, all to the highest welfare standards required by our customers.


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